About us

Erik Penser Bank is an independent, service oriented and privately owned niche bank that offers real estate financing, operating and acquisition financing, credit and financing partnerships and savings accounts.

Erik Penser Bank operates from premises centrally located at Apelbergsgatan 27 in Stockholm.


Erik Penser Bank
Apelbergsgatan 27
Box 7405
103 91 Stockholm

Phone: +46 8 463 80 00
Fax: +46 8 678 80 33

E-mail: info@penser.se

Our services

Real estate financing
We have chosen to concentrate our resources on those parts of the real estate market where we, as a smaller player, can solve financing needs that larger banks find difficult to satisfy. This has meant that for almost ten years we have been active as a lender to property development projects in various phases. In general, it can be said that we meet financing needs that, for various reasons, do not fit the decision models and structure of the big banks. In our own balance sheet, we can take financing from SEK 10 million up to SEK 150 million in individual projects, and in case of larger loan needs, we have established a collaboration model with other institutes, which has meant that we, as an equal financing partner, have participated in significantly larger financings.

Operating and acquisition financing
Based on the bank’s focus on the public small cap sector in Sweden, we have over the years built up extensive experience in the needs of these companies. We have thus been able to help with acquisition financing, bridging credits and certain pure operating financing in the form of account credits and invoice borrowing. In terms of amounts, we mainly work in the range of SEK 5–50 million, and terms are normally between 3–36 months.

Credit and financing collaborations
For some years now, there has been a rapidly growing niche of companies that are often labeled fin-tech companies, which, based on innovative formats and with a high technology content, base their business on various types of credit offers. It can be done either directly to consumers or to companies. Since 2017, Erik Penser Bank has built several long-term business relationships which, in addition to basic financing, are also based on cooperation within systems and administration. If these collaborations are to be summed up in one concept, BaaS or ”Banking as a Service” is close at hand. It is a business model that has grown quickly and fits the bank’s strategy and positioning well.

Through credit partnerships, the bank is also active outside of Sweden, specifically in Finland, Germany and Norway.


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