About us

Erik Penser Bank is an independent and privately owned bank, founded in 1994. We offer a wide selection of financial services to private as well as institutional investors. Our objective is to offer a professional approach to create value for our clients.

Erik Penser Bank operates from premises centrally located at Apelbergsgatan 27 in Stockholm.


Erik Penser Bank
Apelbergsgatan 27
Box 7405
103 91 Stockholm

Phone: +46 8 463 80 00
Fax: +46 8 678 80 33

E-mail: info@penser.se

Our services

Erik Penser Bank’s mission is to create value for our clients. Our financial advisory services include Wealth Management and Corporate Finance.

We offer a modern wealth management service with the aim to build and develop wealth. The advisory services are well adapted to the increased complexity of modern capital markets and we also work with external advisors to provide wealthy families and entrepreneurs with a modern and efficient service. Our investment strategies and asset allocation ideas are regularly communicated to our customers, whom we also serve through our exclusive and initiated brokerage.

Our Corporate Finance services include advisory services in connection with IPO:s and other capital market transactions, capital raising (public and private) as well as advice in connection to mergers and acquisitions. We are primarily active in the Swedish market, but with the help of an extensive network, we have the experience of accomplishing transactions outside of the Swedish market. A deep understanding for the owners’ situations, for pricing issues and for timing forms the foundation of our advisory services.


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